Articles récents

Linux USB audio latency reduction 25 February 2023

A magical kernel update dropped the audio latency of my gigging machine in a very spectacular way.

Linux: on-the-fly QR code generation 30 September 2021

A quick-and-dirty hack to quickly generate QR codes on the fly using the clipboard on Linux.

Bye bye, rt-kernel! 7 September 2021

Until recently, I was convinced that it was still necessary to install an rt-patched kernel for making low-latency sound processing on Linux...

Harpejji hand independance 2 April 2021

This is the fourth in a series of articles about harpejji technique. The first one was about major scales and...

Harpejji tabs editor 31 March 2021

Harpejjitabs, the new tablature editor for the harpejji, is available online!