Articles récents

rpi as a DIY fx pedal 23 August 2023

My experience trying to use the raspberry pi as a DIY FX box.

Wifi Client Mode for Mugic 15 August 2023

Getting the mugic into so-called "wifi client mode" turned up to be a little bit more difficult than I'd expected... but finally it works!

Linux USB audio latency reduction 25 February 2023

A magical kernel update dropped the audio latency of my gigging machine in a very spectacular way.

Linux: on-the-fly QR code generation 30 September 2021

A quick-and-dirty hack to quickly generate QR codes on the fly using the clipboard on Linux.

Bye bye, rt-kernel! 7 September 2021

Until recently, I was convinced that it was still necessary to install an rt-patched kernel for making low-latency sound processing on Linux...