Articles avec le tag: Python

Talk about Python for Live Music 12 février 2016

The video and slides of my talk Charming Snake: Python for Live Music (Swiss Python Summit 2016) are online.

Gigging with python! 29 octobre 2015

I've been toying with pyo for quite some time now, and I've been using it on stage for midi processing for a few months, but it was not until last week that I asked the python to actually deliver some sound on stage.

Linux sur scène: support visuel en ligne 5 juin 2015

Le support visuel de la conférence "Linux sur scène — Traitement du son en temps réel" donnée le 04.06.15 est en ligne.

Synchronize clients of a Flask application with websockets 6 mars 2015

A tutorial to develop a minimal Flask app using websockets to synchronize clients in real time: point two browsers on the app and play with sliders in one of them - the changes will be immediately reflected in the other one.

Apache Log Analysis with Haskell and Python 17 septembre 2014

When doing the same processing in haskell and python, the haskell version should be much, much quicker, right?