Implementing Domain-Specific Languages in Django Applications

publié le 15 June 2012

[fr] Les vidéos de la DjangoCon EU 2012 sont en ligne - dont mon intervention sur l'implémentation de langages spécialisés (DSLs) dans des applications Django.

The video of my talk at DjangoCon EU 2102 is now online.

The guys at Klewel did a nice job of showing both the presenters and their slides, although more dynamic visuals like my use of the mouse to emphasize code excerpts or the videos in Jacob Kaplan-Moss' great keynote unfortunately got partially lost.

You might also want to check my slides, Reinout van Rees' amazing notes, and @nerea's nice drawing ;-)

Bruno Renié, Zachary Voase, Erik Romijn, Matthieu Amiguet and Andrew Godwin sketched by @nerea

The venue, although unusual, was nice – and it was probably the only time in my life I got filmed performing in a stadium!

Thanks to all the DjangoCon EU team for their brilliant work!

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